About Us

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Gita Bayu Residents Association a.k.a Persatuan Penduduk Bukit Gita Bayu is set up with the following AIMS / GOALS:
  1. To guard the welfare and rights of the members of the organization as a whole.
  2. To improve the level of cleanliness, safety, serenity and general quality of maintenance of Bukit Gita Bayu.
  3. To hold meetings and discussions with developers, management of Bukit Gita Bayu, representatives of local government, statutory parties and corporate groups to achieve the aims stated above.
  4. To increase the standard of living in Gita Bayu through:
    • Increase good neighbourly behavior and spread awareness of the ecology and the environment.
    • Promote racial harmony amongst the residents through education, culture, recreation and social activities.
  5. To distribute information concerning Bukit Gita Bayu through notices, brochures, magazines and other materials to the members in regards to the above.