2021 GBRA AGM on 11th December 2021

November 2021 

Dear Owners and Residents of Bukit Gita Bayu (GB), 

Hope you and your families are keeping well and staying safe !

This is a follow up of the email communication on 9th June 2021 on AGM.

As you know the GBRA annual AGM is usually held between the months of January and March each year. Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19 situation in our country, it has been impossible to hold the physical AGM this year. A virtual AGM is a possible option but considering that an election of a new Committee is on the agenda this time, GBRA decided a physical AGM is still the most viable option.

After the lifting of the MCO in October, with less than 3 months to year end, GBRA wrote to the Registrar of Societies (ROS) requesting a postponement of 2021 AGM to next year because it is now too close to the AGM for the upcoming year of 2022. However, on 16th November 2021, the ROS replied and mandated that GBRA must hold an AGM before the end of this year.

Hence, we have to hold the AGM in December this year or we will be in breach of regulations stipulated by the ROS. However, GBRA proposed that an election should not be conducted at the AGM in December this year. This is mainly to ensure that we can have the time to give ample notice to the residents to attend the next AGM and to ensure the election is carried out in a proper fashion.

The date of the 2021 AGM is on 11th December 2021 (Saturday), at 2pm.

In order to adhere to all the SOP’s stipulated by the government, we will hold the AGM on the 1st floor of the restaurant as it is a larger space and is open air to allow proper ventilation and physical distancing.

We will also have to follow government mandates of wearing a mask during the AGM and that every person attending will have to register with MySejahtera and show proof that they are fully vaccinated.

A detailed agenda and the Accounts and Activity Report will be sent out to you shortly.

Please reserve this event in your calendar and do come and support our GBRA.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of the GBRA Committee Members or email us at gitabayura@hotmail.com if you have any question or comment. 

Thank you.

From The Secretary, on behalf of 2020/21 GBRA Committee 

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