Residents Association Committee 2019/2020

Residents Association Committee 2019/2020

President Dr. Lee Ming
Vice President Puan Mazita Binti Md. Khir Johari
Secretary Lim Seong Yeam (SY)
Assistant Secretary Kawaljit Maan (Kelly)
Treasurer Lim Fung Neng (Kenny)
Committee Member Jacqueline Cheong Nee Ng Sau Peng
Committee Member Raymond Chong Chin Chang
Committee Member Emma Rooney
Committee Member Kathireswaran A/L Chandramoulee Swaran
Committee Member Lalitha Selvarasan
Committee Member Lim Kun San
Committee Member Doreen Wong Yoke Fong
Committee Member Steve Wells
Committee Member John Kortum


Chung Shan Meng

Chan Wan Choon


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