Upcoming Events

2012 Residents Association EventsSome of the upcoming events. Remember to register to participate 🙂

Merdeka Day Fun Run/Walk

Entry Fee: RM10 (for each category)

Awards: 1st, 2nd & 3rd placing for all categories (except water relay cup race – 1 winning team). Roughly around 10.45am at The Dining Pavilion

Registration Date: Outside The Dining Pavilion

  • Friday 3rd August 5pm
  • Saturday 4th August 10.30am
  • Friday 10th August 5pm
  • Saturday 11th August 10.30am
  • Friday 17th August 5pm
  • Saturday 18th August 10.30am
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1 Response to Upcoming Events

  1. gitabayura says:

    Men’s 18 to 44, 5Km

      Winner Terrence Gallagher 18.24
      2nd Place Damian Baynes 20.16
      3rd Place Laurence Halvy 21.46

    Women’s 18 to 44, 5Km

      Winner Tamika Baynes 22.03
      2nd Place Lucy Tranter 23.12
      3rd Place Kamila Gallagher 23.21

    Veterans Men’s 5Km

      Winner Rob Tranter 21.46
      2nd Place Mark Ellis 23.20
      3rd Place Daniel Cahir 25.05

    Veteran’s Women’s 3Km

      Winner Parvathi 16.07
      2nd Place Sheila Martneau 16.11
      3rd Place Patsy Tranter 17.56

    Boys Under 18

      Winner Tom Tranter 12.07
      2nd Place Lenard Tan 14.53

    Girls Under 18

      Winner Kiana Baynes 16.29
      2nd Place Janiee Ong Ge Liu 20.45
      3rd Place Han Chen Xi 23.54

    Men’s Walk 3Km

      Winner Michael Cooper 22.30
      2nd Place Tan Hock Ming 22.45
      3rd Place Hisham Hassan 23.10

    Women’s 3Km walk

      Winner Jane Bartley 23.05
      2nd Place Andrea Trumm 23.28
      3rd Place Elsa Thong 23.30

    Under 15’s Boys

      Winner Callum Kilpatrick 10.45
      2nd Place Tom Leetham 11.05
      3rd Place Christian Bartley 11.20

    Girls Under 15’s

      Winner Lauren Gallagher 12.34
      2nd Place Ina Hobson 13.10
      3rd Place Annabelle Tan 14.10

    Boys Under 12

      Winner Gyrian Paijens 5.40
      2nd Place Samuel Colbey 5.44
      3nd Place Frazer Wilson 5.47

    Girls Under 12

      Winner Nalini Pajiens 5.36
      2nd Place Alana Gallagher 5.39
      3rd Place Rosin Cahir 5.42

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