A Message from Residents Association President

Dear Fellow Residents of Bukit Gita Bayu,

I hope and pray this email finds you well and in the best of surroundings.

I happy and proud to inform that after the AGM in April this year, your Residents Association has got off to a good start. All Committee Members have been Chairman of Sub-Committees and today we have sub-committees of Social, Security, Finance, IT, Landscape….and possibly more to come – business networking, etc. The idea here is that each Sub-Committee Chairman forms its own committee made up of fellow residents….and they plan their own activities for the year. In this way, we get a lot of ideas & suggestions from fellow residents coming through the sub-committees….so in this way, we get inputs from all residents.  So, eventhough, the Residents Association (RA) is made up of 13 Committee members, it actually has the potential of having all residents as part of the extended RA, ie through the Sub-Committees.

Separately, the RA Liaison Officer, John Rocca has regular meetings with the BGB Management. All meetings are documented with each party having action items, etc. However, the important thing is that the meetings have been cordial (I attended one) with both parties wanting to help to “make things happen”

As you may be aware, the Social Sub-Committee has been very active by having the Block Parties, Fun Run, and over the last weekend the Hari Raya Get Together. All events were professionally organized and had good support from fellow residents. Reading from the circular sent to all homes, there will be more activities coming our way soon……so please look out for it. If you have not received the circular, then you should ask Vasen or her committee. At this point, I want to congratulate Vasen Menon, the Chairman of the Social Committee & her team mates who have worked hard over the months to make the social events thus far successful, interesting & memorable. It is so nice to see fellow residents coming out to participate in the events & activities……and meeting other residents……and interestingly, many have not met each eventhough they have lived in BGB for years. This is really GREAT !!.

From time to time, you will get reports from the other Sub-Committees. Our website is up and you can refer to it for any latest updates, etc.  Other than that, we should ALL enjoy living in BGB…it is such a wonderful place….each time I bring guests to visit, they would all marvel at the environment that we live in. Due to this, we should all participate in the various sub-committees to voice our ideas & suggestions, and concerns about how to continue making BGB the Best Gated Community in the country.

E N J O Y !!!!!

Best Regards

Dato’ Kamil Noor Ariff
President – Residents Association 2010

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