Neighbourhood Block Party!

When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a street full neighbours, each in good cheer!
With drinks to sip, and chips to dip!
Come meet your neighbours & share an evening of conversation,
And accept this Neighbourhood Block Party Invitation!

Date: 24th July (Saturday)
Time: 5:00 pm onwards
Neighbourhood Block Party Locations
6 block parties will be held simultaneously at BGB. The purpose of this party is so that you can get to know your neighbours better. This will be a potluck event so please drop us an email or a phone call to let us know what finger food/drinks you can bring along. Kids are most welcome to bring games out to play e.g. bicycles, frisbee, sidewalk chalk, bubbles…
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3 Responses to Neighbourhood Block Party!

  1. vasenmen says:

    10 reasons why you should go to the Neighbourhood Block Party!!

    1) You finally get to meet your neighbours!

    2) Your kids get to make new friends!!

    3) It’s something your whole family can do together!!!

    4) Bukit Gita Bayu is the best place to have a block party!!!!

    5) To start a tradition of getting together at least once a year!!!!!

    6) Your kids will have great fun playing games outdoors!!!!!!

    7) You get to exchange cool ideas & what kind of events you’d like to see at GB!!!!!!!

    8) You don’t have to drive anywhere!!!!!!!!

    9) You get to eat yummy food!!!!!!!!

    10) It will be fun!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wei hwang says:

    Thank you Vasen for organising this wonderful event. It is a resounding success!

  3. Vasen says:

    Thank you to all the residents who came out that evening! We all had a great time & loads of positive feedback about the block parties. It was great to see the President of the RA, other committee members & not forgetting some neighbours, each in good cheer visiting all the 6 sites!!

    We will definitely do this again…

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